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Snoring Treatments

Are You Really Getting A Restful Night’s Sleep?

Are you waking up tired and groggy, even though you seem to have had plenty of sleep? Is your partner affected by your snoring?  Do you both just want to wake up rested and refreshed but don’t know why you can’t? Sleep apnea may be the cause and is a serious sleep disorder characterized by interrupted or shallow breathing due to an obstructed airway. This can pose a great risk, as the brain may not get the oxygen it needs. Southern Californians can now turn to Dr. Alex Kalmanovich and Rested & Refreshed Sleep Solutions to help them discover a sleep solution to fit their individual needs.

SomnoDent MAS

Dr. Kalmanovich provides patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) a highly effective oral appliance solution called SomnoDent® MAS. This mandibular advancement splint is designed to treat mild to moderate OSA and is meant to be worn while you sleep. It is designed to be very discreet so that only you know you’re wearing it. These unique features and benefits offered by SomnoDent® MAS make it Dr. Kalmanovich’s preferred oral appliance:

  • Permits normal mouth opening 
  • Allows speech and drinking
  • Unrestricted tongue space
  • Full lip-seal
  • Easily adjustable
  • Safe and effective
  • Clinically validated
  • Custom-fit

Treatment Created For Your Individual Needs

Dr. Kalmanovich will evaluate your condition to make sure that this SomnoDent MAS splint treatment method will be most effective for your individual situation. If the splint is the appropriate treatment method, then he will take impressions of your teeth and mouth to make sure that the SomnoDent® MAS fits exactly and is comfortable. The splint will allow you to open and close your mouth normally without the risk of your jaws locking. If you have bridges or dentures, Dr. Kalmanovich can also modify the splint to leave room for dental implants. The SomnoDent® MAS also has a full year warranty against manufacturing defects, which gives you full confidence in using this dental appliance.

Don’t wait any longer to get a good night’s sleep and awake rested and refreshed. Call Dr. Kalmanovich at 949-494-7522 to schedule your complimentary Sleep Apnea consultation.